Passion for pizza

The Italian kitchen is known for its pure food, made with excellent quality ingredients. It's wonderful to see how passionate and picky Italians are when it comes to their pizza. Everyone in Italy has an opinion about it.

Pizza chefs are continuously trying to outrival their colleagues with their dough-making or innovative combinations of toppings. Our main source of inspiration is Gabriele Bonci (world famous in Italy), who has taken the pizza al taglio to a whole new level.

Quality first

Pizza al taglio is not an easy product. It's all about the base, which should be perfect. Dough is a living product that is very sensitive to variations in temperature and humidity. It takes a lot of attention and skill.

Our pizza chefs enjoy their job and put all there love and energy into creating the best pizza every time again. We have learned the trade from Italian master pizza chef Giovanni, who drops by frequently to check the quality of our pizza. 


We believe that caring for our planet is everyone's shared responsibility. Sustainability therefore is at the center of all our activities. In our interiors we apply natural or recyclable materials. Vegetables are sourced locally. The flour, meats and cheeses we use come from family-owned farms all over Italy. Our coffee, tea, wines, juices are organic and fairtrade. We use 100% sustainable energy and our packaging is made from recycled paper. 

Join our team?

Do you like our pizza and our vision? Would you like to become a part of our great team? We are always looking for energetic pizza lovers who love to work with food and people. You can work in the kitchen as pizzaiolo or behind the counter as tagliatore (pizza cutter). Send us an email with your CV or pass by at one of our stores