Pizza al taglio is Rome’s favourite street food, eaten at any moment of the day. Colourful gourmet pizza by the slice. Combine and share different flavours with friends and family. And turn every meal into your own pizza party.

At Sugo we serve 20 delicious varieties of pizza every day, with a lot of vegetarian options. All beautiful works of art, generously topped with premium ingredients from all over Italy. The selection of pizzas changes every day, so let us surprise you with new combinations of toppings every time you visit! More


Our pizza is 100% handcrafted every day. We make our dough the traditional way, with just flour, water, salt and a tiny bit of yeast. After kneading it’s leavened for up to 72 hours, to give our pizza its wonderfully light and airy quality.

We use a special kind of flour from wheat, sourdough and soya. It’s rich in protein: 10 grams per slice (toppings not counted). Thanks to the long and slow leavening, our pizza becomes very light and easiliy digestible. We don’t add any fat or sugar, and our toppings are made with a lot of fresh vegetables. So eat with pleasure, not guilt! More


Sugo is your place to eat great pizza all day long. For a quick meal during your lunch break but also for wining and dining in a stylish ambiance. To accompany your pizza we have freshly prepared salads, homemade tiramisú, a broad selection of Italian beers and DOP Sicilian wines. And of course excellent Italian espresso.

Rather stay at home? Order online through one of our delivery partners. They will bring your favourite pizzas to wherever you are. Of course takeaway is also an option. Warm, or cold – to bake them at home. Very convenient for when you have visitors, or when you’re just not in the mood to cook. Pronto! More